All fees charged are competitive, transparent and reasonable. We have various fee packages to suit your needs. All fees will be agreed from the outset, so you will be made fully aware of your costs from day one.

Fixed Fee/Hourly Rate

You can choose between a fixed fee for a particular task or an hourly rate with an estimate timescale given. There will be a written agreement to this effect so that you are fully aware of what work will be done, the estimated time frame for such work to be undertaken and how much it will cost.

The fees incurred will primarily be based on:

  • a)  Seniority/expertise of the fee earner instructed
  • b)  Complexity of the case
  • c)  Preparation time
  • d)  Length of Court hearing

No Win No Fee – Conditional Fee Arrangement (‘CFA’)

CFAs offer an alternative way to fund civil claims and litigation. A CFA is when we (the firm and you the client) reach an agreement to share the risk of the litigation by coming to a financial arrangement whereby our fees will be payable by you in the event your case is won.

If your case is not won or the agreed result is not achieved (i.e. the agreed level of damages is not awarded) a reduced fee will be payable by you in accordance with the terms of the CFA.

Irrespective of the outcome of your case, our fees will be clearly explained to you and we would only work on a CFA basis if you agree and are happy to do so.

Legal Cost Finance

BARCO is company operated by the Bar Council that provides an escrow service for handling client’s money. BARCO has teamed up with Legal Cost Finance Limited (‘LCFL’) to arrange credit services to clients who cannot otherwise afford to pay their legal fees.

If your case has merit and is suitable for this type of funding, we can approach BARCO and LCFL to arrange the necessary funding to cover your legal costs.

Our wide ranging and flexible fee packages means that we can offer our specialist services to resolve your legal problem regardless of your personal circumstances. Please contact us to discuss this further.