Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Our Members have considerable experience in arbitration and mediation proceedings. We are aware of achieving a lasting settlement to the satisfaction of our client that is based on negotiation and pragmatism. We have also built a vast network with experienced arbitrators and mediators in the areas of commercial and civil law. They would be able to provide additional services and assistance to our clients, if such a need arises.


Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes without the need to go to court. It involves a mediator helping both sides to come to an agreement regarding their dispute. The mediator’s role is to assist the parties regarding their problem and help arrive at a solution that is tenable, practical and that both parties accept.

Barrister Ahmed Malik is an accredited mediator for commercial dispute resolution (since 2000). He is able to act as a mediator to resolve all types of disputes. He can also provide legal representation at mediation hearings. His expertise in civil litigation and participation in complex mediation sessions place him in an ideal position to lead the parties to resolve their dispute without the need of going to court.

The fees incurred will primarily be based on:

  • a)  Seniority/expertise of the fee earner instructed
  • b)  Complexity of the case
  • c)  Preparation time
  • d)  Length of Mediation


Arbitration is a very useful and important method for resolving disputes as they are private, consensual and unlike litigation, it is not a costly and lengthy process. Our Barristers also act as arbitrators and provide legal representation in arbitration hearings involving commercial disputes. They are also building a ni

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